The story of the Dány City Gangster Crew started in 2016, when we moved to Dány from Budapest. The adobe walls and the fruit garden of an old cottage house became our new home. It was a huge space at first in comparison with an average Budapest flat, with a lot of work to be done inside and outside the house.

At last we had enough space and a good excuse to take our hobbies – making jewellery and home decor items of various sizes – more seriously. These hobbies proved to be quite useful as we started to develop our new living space – we were full of ideas, and we managed to realise many of them. Since there were many old pieces of furniture and other utensils in the house, it seemed obvious to try to renovate or completely redesign them, so we started focusing on upcycling as many things as possible. By now, that has become an explicit goal of ours, and we constantly experiment with recycling and upcycling more and more household and garden waste.

DCGC slowly started to fill the major part of our leisure time – just like before, but by 2017 it actually had a name. Step by step, we created a small workshop equipped with the essential tools and machinery, and started to think about DCGC more seriously – why shouldn’t we show it to others?

Why Dány City Gangster Crew? In the fall of 2016, we were not the only ones who enjoyed our amazing new space – Timur, the cat, and Fruzsi, the bull terrier came with us too – you might recognise them from our logo. The crew was complete with our other dog, Aliz, who we found in Dány after we moved here. They are involved in all the activities, and they actively monitor the completion of our products.


So under the supervision of our “Quality Controllers”, we create all our products individually, striving to recycle as much as we can and to use natural ingredients. At the moment, you can find recycled and macramé jewellery as well as home furnishings made by Lili in our online shop, but soon we will add wood products as well, as Philippe is currently studying carpentry.

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